Le bodypositivisme d'instagram (+ liste de comptes à suivre)

Il y a quelques années, j'ai commencé une grosse dépression. Au cours de cette dépression, la boulimie est malheureusement devenue mon quotidien, et j'ai pris 14 kilos en un an. Mon corps s'est alors beaucoup transformé : vergetures, ventre rebondi, mouvements plus difficiles... Bref, des changements qui m'ont obligée à un gros travail d'acceptation, si je ne voulais pas aggraver mon état psychique.
Parallèlement, à la fin de cette prise de poids conséquente, mon suivi entamé avec ma psychologue autour de l'image de mon corps a commencé à porter ses fruits. 
De ce contexte est donc né un nouveau mot d'ordre qui rythme aujourd'hui ma vie : mon corps, je l'accepte tel qu'il est, inconditionnellement. C'est une question de santé psychique : du rejet de mon corps est née une dépression et des troubles alimentaires.
M'accepter, c'est devenu vital. 

Malheureusement, il aurait été trop simple que mon entourage accueille ma nouvelle résolution sans broncher. Aujourd'hui encore, j'ai beau répéter à mes parents que mon bien-être nouveau est lié à la paix que j'ai fait avec mon poids, il est toujours difficile pour eux de ne pas m'encourager à maigrir. 
Et puis, en dehors de mes parents, j'évolue malheureusement toujours dans une société grossophobe, et je suis toujours exposée à des messages me décourageant de laisser mon poids tranquille. 

Mon havre de paix et mes figures identificatoires, j'ai dû les chercher seule. 

Grâce au féminisme, j'ai eu écho du mouvement bodypositive, dans lequel j'ai fait mon chemin et trouvé mes noms qui me font du bien. 
Le bodypositivisme, c'est un grand fourre-tout qui n'a pas vraiment de mot d'ordre, à part peut-être d'avoir le droit d'afficher son corps, comme on le veut, quel qu'il soit. Il est donc très en vogue sur instagram. On trouve des comptes de femmes aux corps très différents, qui, par des moyens différents (poser dénudées, poser habillées, poser pendant le sport, poser en mangeant de la healthy food, poser en mangeant de la junk food... ), passent des messages différents.

Je me suis d'abord intéressée aux comptes dont le but était clairement de revendiquer que les femmes grosses peuvent mener une vie healthy, au même titre que les femmes minces qui, elles, n'ont pas besoin de le prouver. Ces comptes m'ont permis de réinvestir le sport et de modifier mon idée qu'en tant que femme grosse, j'y serais forcément nulle.

Aujourd'hui, je m'intéresse plus particulièrement aux comptes qui encouragent à une acceptation pure et dure, junkfood ou non, sport ou non, et qui militent pour l'arrêt total des injonctions à maigrir.

Voici une liste non exhaustive, of course, des comptes que je follow sur instagram ou que j'ai dégotés pour l'article. Ils sont de tous les horizons : mannequins grandes tailles aux simples vlogueuses, en passant par les militantes bodypositive.

208lauren (et son joli fessier)

Les trois derniers étant mes comptes préférés. 
En vous souhaitant un bon scrolling, je vous laisse avec des jolis posts.

Listen up: BODIES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO STAY THE SAME. Our culture has this warped AF idea that signs of growth and change on our bodies are somehow shameful. Grey hair? DISGUISE IT IMMEDIATELY. Stretch marks? MAKE THEM VANISH WITH THIS MAGIC LOTION! Wrinkles? PAY SOMEONE THOUSANDS TO CUT, LIFT, TUCK & STITCH THEM OUT OF SIGHT. Weight gain? HERE'S HOW TO WIN THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE! Pregnancy? HOW LONG UNTIL YOU GET YOUR PRE-BABY BODY BACK? Stop. NONE of these things are shameful. In fact, some of them are inevitable. And the only reason we've been so fiercely conditioned to see them as personal failures is because turning body parts into 'problems' and selling the 'solution' makes $$$. We deserve to wear our years on our bodies proudly. We deserve to embrace every version of ourselves that we become along the way. We deserve to live freely in our bodies without constantly being broken down into parts that we're told need fixing. Let us grow, age, and change like everything else in nature does, and let us see the beauty in the changes. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 Art by the incredible @meandmyed.art 🌸
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I get asked a LOT in interviews and podcasts “how do you handle negative comments about your body?” I have a very simple, weird answer that has sorta been a life lesson for me. 👉 I’ve realized that no matter what someone says about your body, your life, your experience, they’re doing it to connect with you and protect themselves. Aren’t we all just infantile Homo sapiens wanting to have someone respond to them? When we look at trolls and bully’s and break down the hatred, animosity and verbal violence that goes into their actions, we see simple the compounds which they’re made up of. They include insecurity, fear and confusion. . Through social conditioning and cultural standards we are brought up with an understanding that some bodies are “bad” and other bodies are “good”, when those categories are challenged and confronted people have reactionary tools to defend their beliefs. Often times it comes out as name calling or bullying. . 👉 But really think of this! This is the magic part... they’re just confused, scared and insecure. They act out in verbal violence to protect their power (aka belief system which directly ties into THEIR SENSE OF SELF, this is why belief systems are so fucking hard to change) ANNNND they are ultimately choosing a social act = connection. So I don’t hate people who call me names. I look at them as fragile human beings who on the most basic level are having a response to a threat in their system. And that’s okay, I have space in my heart to teach, to be chill and to continue on with life. From this working compassion I’ve been able to have open conversations with people who have treated me terribly and to not deny them the chance to change and treat others better. ❤️ #endbullying #nobodyshame #weareone #itstrueitstrue #selflove #lovelovelove PN // this is NOT whatsoever saying you need to treat every person who comes into your life being a bully with compassion, that is up to YOUR OWN self assessment and when someone is being violent towards you or throwing slurs your way you have every fucking right to take that mother fucker down and protect yourself.
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I never knew what it was like to actually be seen because I was so used to being hidden. Pull your shirt down to cover your butt, cross your legs and sit like a lady, don’t speak too loud, always smile. You should wear that. Do this. Overlook that. Don’t go there because no one goes there. Black folks don’t do that. Muslims shouldn’t do that. Fat girls definitely can’t... Yesterday, a friend had to get me together. And tell me that the things I’ve done. Taking something so shallow and saturated as fashion blogging and creating an actual platform around these huge and taboo topics. Taking it from being local to national and international, being flown out to give scholarly speeches at top universities. I had to pause and be like damn. I did do that. I did those things while maintaining my Fat-ness, my Blackness, and my Muslim-ness 🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️ But, my work isn’t done. I see certain groups still being hidden in the media. Particularly the dark-skinned and Black narrative not only in mainstream media but in the Islamic community. I’m gonna keep saying this until I’m blue in the face. 👏🏾Black👏🏾Muslims👏🏾Exist👏🏾 Dark👏🏾Skinned👏🏾Muslims👏🏾Exist👏🏾 Stop white-washing everything. I’m sick of only seeing straight-sized white-passing Muslims being promoted as the face of Islam. Stop belittling our experiences. Stop only promoting South Asian and Middle-Eastern experiences as the ONLY Muslim narrative. Have you ever experienced colorism/racism in your Islamic community? And, if you’re not Muslim, have you ever experienced colorism? Let’s chat. Photo/MUA: @makeup_by_madinah Fit: @fashionnovacurve Booties: @eloquii #detroitblogger #psootd #plussize #instafashion #bodypositive #bgki #effyourbeautystandards #pizzasisters4lyfe #blackgirlswhoblog #londonblogger #psfashion #blackgirlmagic #muslimgirl #streetstyle #plusmodel #feminist #plussizemodel #fatacceptance #selflove #blackmuslimahexcellence #psootd #seventeen #californiablogger #turbanista #novababe #honormycurves #eatingdisorderrecovery #bodydysmorphia #coachella
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